Bubs & Kids Classes...

Being a parent can seem super-scary at times, particularly when one of lifes' little whoopsies occurs. Most of the time, whatever has just happened can be easily fixed with a kiss, a cuddle or a band-aid - very rarely do we have to respond to anything majorly life-threatening...

Knowing what to do in any emergency can be immensely helpful and our 1.5 hour skills & information sessions are designed to give you the confidence and 'Perfect Parent Super-Powers' to ease the tears, patch them up & get on with the day.

Find upcoming courses HERE.

Alternately,  beginning soon - we will recommence our Monthly classes, held at Tiny Polkadots, Port Melbourne store from 9am-1030am.

All participants receive a take-away pack including CPR faceshield keyring, instructional pages & helpful flyers, brochures, magnets & stickers.

CONTACT TINY POLKADOTS for bookings, pricing & enquiries

If you would prefer to be trained in the comfort of your own home, we can present to family members, extended family members & friends, skills & information packages to suit your needs.

Please CONTACT US to discuss this further.