Cycle Safe: Fractures

May 20, 2015

We heard from a Student today, a keen cyclist, who shared a story of a hard landing which resulted in a fracture. A less than desirable outcome.


If the fracture is your own, get yourself to safety however you are able and keep the fractured area immobile - try to stay calm. Staying calm and focussed at this critical time can help your recovery. Call for help now.


Open fractures should be treated as open wounds. Keeping the area elevated and immobile as possible, cover the wound with a dry cloth (handkerchief, base-layer etc) and where possible, wrap another makeshift bandage around the first, making sure you are not applying any pressure over protruding bone. Remain as still as you can, thinking happy thoughts to help keep blood pressure down while you wait for help to arrive.


A splint can help keep the fractured area stable. A long bike pump could be used in place of a splint for a fractured arm or leg. Placed alongside the limb then attached with a makeshift bandage. Base-layers can be used in place of a sling, however ensure that your adjustment of the patient to apply these aides doesn't heighten their trauma. Our intention is to keep the patient safe, stable and supervised until help arrives.


When treating another person, always ask for permission first. Consent is legally required however if the other rider is unconscious, consent is automatically applied because things are critical. Keep yourself and all other parties protected against infectious substances (body fluids: blood, sweat, tears, pleghm, urine etc), by wearing gloves when treating someone else. Wearing some form of glasses as eye-protection can help avoid someone else's bodily fluids getting into the blood vessels of your eyes, causing infection. Always wash your hands well with an anti-bacterial after treatment.



We provide First Aid, CPR, Basic Emergency Life Support, Asthma and Anaphylaxis training in both public sessions and onsite/workplace sessions. Contact us now to make an enquiry.




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