Weekend Wrap-Up

May 24, 2015

This week, we've clued you in on some idea of what to do, should you come unstuck and find yourself or another rider injured. Next week, we talk about the most common types of injury scenarios and give a few statistical insights to consider.


A report released by St. John Ambulance, using data from 2014 states:


"...the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare reporting response times for an
ambulance ranging between 14.8–22.5 minutes across the nation in 2014, bystander first aid
may be the only hope for a person seriously injured in a road traffic accident, in preventing
death or lessening the effect of serious injury."


Would you know what to do at a road traffic accident, to best help anyone who is injured?


Could you respond appropriately within the first 3-5 minutes, understanding that this is the crucial time to ensure the injured party is able to breathe?


Learning CPR is not just a workplace requirement, it's an everyday, practical requirement and provides you with skills and confidence to make a real difference to someone's life should the need ever arise.


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