First Aid in the Workplace: Cardiac Arrest

May 29, 2015

According to a paper published by the NSW Dept. of Health in 2012, while 54% of patients presenting at 89 hospitals included in the survey were aged 65 years and over - a startling 36% of patients were aged 36-64. Male patients accounted for almost two-thirds (65%) of presentations and children aged 4 years and under accounted for 3%.


This report also tells us that the most common time for Cardiac Arrest to occurr is between 6am and 6pm, Monday to Friday. Have a think about that for a moment... Where are you likely to be, at this time?

At work. At present, only 6% of patients experiencing Carduac Arrest outside of a hospital environment, survive.


If someone at your workplace experienced Cardiac Arrest, Heart Attack or suddenly stopped breathing - what would you do? Some people may experience the classic, 'Hollywood' type of Cardiac Arrest or Heart Attack, where they clutch their chest and experience immense, crushing pain in the chest and potentially down the left arm - however signs and symptoms can vary and some people may demonstrate very little warning.


Beginning CPR within the first few minutes (3-4), can aide in maintaining the circulation of oxygen to your Patient's brain - thus keeping their brain functioning until Advanced Medical Care arrives. In Melbourne, Ambulance response times are currently 8-11 minutes at best.


An AED / Defibrillator, when used as immediately as possible, can also be of great assistance where the Patient has experienced Cardiac Arrest. The sooner you are able to get the AED setup and operating, the better chance if recovery you give your Patient.


Ambulance Victoria's 2012-13 Report states that they "...estimate about 120 additional cardiac arrest patients in Victoria survived to hospital discharge during the year compared with a decade ago because more effective treatment is now being provided. We also know that the majority of these people return to their previous employment and their families.".


The McKell Institute released a report, which we highly recommend you take a look at. It contains some enlightening statistics and encouragement to include AED/Defibrillators in all workplaces.


In accordance with the OHS Act of Vic (2004), Guidelines are available to assist you in your workplace First Aid preparations. You can obtain a copy of their Guidelines for First Aid in the Workplace HERE.


Richmond First Aid Training us here to help you comply. Our CPR Courses start from just $40 per person and Provide First Aid (previously known as Senior or Level2 First Aid) is available from just $75 per person. We can even save you time, by bringing First Aid training directly to your workplace. Enquire Now.

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