First Aid in the Workplace: OHS

June 1, 2015

According to the 'OHS Act (Vic.) 2004', every Employer in Australia has an obligation to:


"...provide, so far as is reasonably practicable, adequate facilities for the welfare of employees at any workplace under the control and management of the employer" (Section 21[2][d])

How this relates to First Aid is very straightforward and Worksafe Victoria have issued guidelines for First Aid in the Workplace.


According to the above Guidelines:


"Employees need to be given information and instruction on first aid in the workplace, including:

• the location of first aid kits

• the names and work location of trained first aid officers

• procedures to be followed when first aid or further assistance is required"


Further, the Guidelines state:


"The information and instruction needs to be provided:

• as part of employees’ induction training

• if there is a change in the location of first aid facilities (eg first aid room)

• if there are any changes in the names, locations or contact details of first aid officers

• at appropriate intervals or as determined by a risk assessment

(if the employer chooses this approach in option 2)."


In addition to the above:


"Information needs to be provided in a form that all employees can understand.

Consideration needs to be given to how information on first aid facilities may

be provided for people with non-English speaking backgrounds and people

with disabilities. This may include using:

• audio and visual aids

• graphics (eg posters)

• interpreters

• simple English phrases

• people who speak the same language to provide information

• interactive practical demonstrations."


The prescribed approach towards complying with these Guidelines will ensure you have the correct number of First Aid kits to cover all employees and will also suggest the number of trained First Aiders, however we currently and will always encourage ALL employees to obtain at least CPR certification so that they can further uphold their own obligations under the current OHS Act (Vic.) 2004.


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