First Aid in the Workplace: AED

June 2, 2015

AED is an acronym for Automated External Defibrillator. An AED (or Defibrillator or Defib), is a portable, computerised device that is designed to analyse a patient's condition and where necessary, send an electrical shock through the heart of a person in Cardiac Arrest.


The AED is relatively lightweight and very easy to use, in fact it has been designed to be able to be successfully used by a person with absolutely no First Aid knowledge at all.


When used quickly, with CPR (Cardi Pulmonary Resuscitation), the AED can significantly increase a persons chances of surviving Cardiac Arrest. The sooner the AED is used, the better chance of recovery. Delaying the use of the AED can actually reduce the chance of recovery.


The AED can send an electrical shock through a persons heart, when that person is in Cardiac Arrest and their heart is Fibrillating (An irregular, uncontrolled beating of the heart muscle where no effective cardiac output is possible). The shock will bring this Fibrillation to a sudden stop which then allows the heart to begin contracting in a 'normal', rhythmical way.


Does your Workplace have an AED? Do you know where it is?


If you do not have an AED, do you know where the nearest AED is?


AEDs can be found in public areas such as shopping centres, airports, manned railway stations, Municipal buildings (Libraries etc), Pools and Aquatic Centres and of course Police/Fire/Ambulance stations. However, unless you are 3-4 minutes (return trip) from the AED, we would never encourage you to travel to one of these venues to take their AED back to your patient (they would not allow that anyway).


Ask your First Aid Officer, Health & Safety Rep. or Employer about an AED and if your business does not have an AED, make efforts to obtain one - particularly if your business deals with lots of clients. Many businesses believe that an AED is far too expensive but did you know that prices for an AED can start from as little as $1000? That's not a bad price to pay to potentially save someone's life!


Ask out Staff about AEDs and about learning CPR or First Aid. We offer public First Aid training sessions in both Melbourne CBD and Richmond and we can also bring First Aid training directly to your Workplace! Obligation free quotes as standard... Enquire Now.





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