Think F.A.S.T!

September 7, 2017


This week is National Stroke Week. (Sept. 4-10).


Do you know the signs & symptoms of Stroke? Could you act F.A.S.T?


Weakness in one side of the body including loss of muscle control in the face; droopiness, slurring of speach & confusion. 


Unable to lift both arms in front, to same height; loss of bladder/bowel control... These are all indications that a person is having it has had a stroke.


Ensure they are safe, comfortable and able to breathe normally... CALL 000 (112 mobile). Do not leave them unattended & ensure nil by mouth. Reassure them that help is coming and reinstate dignity by tending to any spillage.


Remember that Stroke is NOT solely the domain of older generations.


For more information see


 Stroke Foundation 


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