Can I Be Sued?..

September 1, 2018

One of the major causes of inaction, when it comes to providing CPR or First Aid to someone - is the fear of being sued...


It is important to remember that in Australia, there is no evidence that any 'Good Samaritan' (ie. a person who has provided First Aid 'in good-faith' - a genuine effort out of compassion not fear) - has ever been successfully sued. In fact, most Legal Professionals would advise against any attempt to litigate.


This is primarily because the courts would view any attempt to help in an emergency, to be better than no attempt. 


"In these circumstances the good Samaritan’s duty isn’t to ensure a good outcome; ‘If he volunteers his assistance, his only duty as a matter of law is not to make the victim’s condition worse’ (Capital and Counties v Hampshire County Council [1997] 2 All ER 865)." (M.Eburn )




Your Duty-of-Care is not to fix or mend or repair or heal the injured person.

Your Duty-of-Care is to make a genuine effort to help prevent their condition from getting worse.


* Keep yourself safe.

* Call for HELP quickly

* Have a go... You'll be OK.


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